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Services for Polymer Processors

Welcome to the website of PD Services

The role of PD Services is to provide a local interface for our partners‘ customers. Whether you need to invest in new solutions or maintain, calibrate or repair existing equipment, our decades of specialist experience is at your disposal.

Our Partners

Barwell - UK

For over 50 years Barwell has been the recognised world leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality precision preformers and extruders. Today, their products cover a whole range of processing equipment for the rubber and ceramic industries including cryogenic and mechanical deflashing machines, spiral take-off cooling systems, hydraulic compression presses, industrial drying ovens, tyre re-treading systems and rubber strip cutting machines as well as complete rubber production lines and technology upgrades for older machines.

Metravib - France

Metravib is a world leading supplier to research institutions and the industrial sector of instruments for the characterization of the mechanical properties of materials using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA). With their strong capacity for innovation and renowned expertise in structural analysis, vibration measurements and the physics of materials, Metravib has developed a unique range of dynamic mechanical analyzers and fatigue testing machines with force ranges up to 2,000N and frequencies up to 10kHz.

Nanotronics Imaging - USA

Nanotronics automate industrial microscopes used for inspection of the world's smallest technologies: semiconductors, microchips, hard drives, LEDs, nano-fillers, nanotubes, and more. Their microscopes are an integral part of production processes at many of the world's leading manufacturers and fabrication plants. nSpec 3D is of particular interest to rubber processors as, apart from giving real-time surface roughness data, it can characterize filler dispersion in a much more meaningful way than traditional systems.

Prescott Instruments - UK

Prescott Instruments is a true British family business in every sense. Run by brothers Phil and Ray Prescott, it embodies all of the traditional values that made Britain “Great”. First class engineering standards, attention to detail, unbeatable customer support and advanced technology have earned loyalty from many of the world’s leading rubber companies. Their range of moving die rheometers, multi-function rheometers, auto-loaders, Mooney Viscometers and data acquisition software is celebrated in every corner of the world.

Xplore Instruments - Netherlands

Based in the world renowned “Chemelot” Campus in Geleen – NL, Xplore is the front runner in developing, producing and marketing micro compounding and shaping instruments. These instruments are utilized for formulation development and screening of polymer materials and blends, polymer compounds, biomedical applications, low bioavailable or slow release pharmaceuticals (HME), energetic materials and nutritional products. Xplore systems can produce test specimens from raw ingredients in a small fraction of the time needed by traditional methods.